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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Onesie was a hit at the Shower

Good Morning!  Everyone loved the onesie I embellished and here is a picture of my Granddaughter Jessica when she opened:

And she also loved the hooded sweater that I knitted:

I did not get the afghan finished but that's okay, it will be done soon.  
This is called "Jamie" stitch and I have been making baby blankets and afghans for years with it.  It came on a skein of yarn. 
At the shower, we played a game where we had to guess the size of Jessica's waist by cutting off the length of yarn and afterwards her friend gave me the skein to make booties - ha!  Fun!  My daughter wanted to make a back drop for the shower where Jessica would sit.  She wove pink and White crepe paper and tacked it to the wall, it was perfect!

all in all, a huge success.  Here is a picture of the Mommy and Daddy, Christopher, to be:
I hope you enjoyed my share today, thanks for coming and come back again soon!
My Krafty heart to yours...


  1. That onsie is sooo cute. I can see why it was such a hit and the afghan is such a pretty stitch. The little sweater will come in handy for the winter months.

  2. It looks so pretty and so does the other things you made. What wonderful gifts to the little one. It looks like a great party.


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