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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Little Fall Vignettes

Want to decorate but don't have a lot of space?  Make little vignettes around the house.  These are comprised of Acorns still attached to the branch that had fallen from a Live Oak tree in our side yard.  I combined them with some fabric leaves from the craft store as our leaves have not changed yet, and love the brightness they add to any space.  In the past I have spray painted the little acorn branches with gold and that works out nicely, too.

 Or, you could add words of greeting to this photo and make your own fall cards.  See what you can come up with.  Also large oak leaves on a branch or alone look really nice on tables either natural color or sprayed gold.  Share pictures :)
My Krafty Heart to yours....


  1. Love the fall inspiration and the great tips on how to use this in several ways for the holiday season. Have a blessed day! xo's Pam

  2. Hi there Kerrie,
    sorry it has been so long .. I love what you have made with the leaves and those cute oak nuts.. Perfect for Autumn..
    Also love the baby quilt you are making.. Take care ..

  3. Hi Kerrie...I'm so glad you visited CITexas Gal and commented on my Sewing Table post. Gives me the opportunity to return your visit and see your wonderful blog. First, this fall leaf post is such a good idea for decorating for fall...especially if you have an Acorn loaded tree.

    Secondly, I just have to comment on your PINK Baby sweet and what a cute pattern. I have an abundance of Sidar SoSoft Pink yarn that would be perfect for a sweet cardigan like yours. I'll getting one on my needles soon...thanks for the inspiration.

    I'm a new follower and look forward to visiting you often. Please come back and see me on CollectInTexas Gal...we have lots in Knitting/Sewing/Needlework Common....Sue


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