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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Two Best friends were Carpenters....

My wonderful sweet husband succumbed to the horrible cancer Multiple Myeloma on Thursday, January 26, 2011 at home with his loving family.  He died an agonizing 12 hour death and he held my hand until the last breath.  I gave in to have Hospice help the last 3 days when I could no longer lift him.  They were absolutely wonderful and supportive and I cannot praise them enough.  They never took his care away from me but supported me with medical knowledge as well as loving hugs.  We all bonded including Bill in just those short 3 days of knowing one another.  When Bill passed, they wept right along with us.

Bill doing what he loved best!  Taken on Owasco Lake in Auburn NY several fall seasons ago...
And here is a picture of my honey, the carpenter busy in the shed  in the 90's.  He was always building and creating.

The hammer is still, the saw is silent.  The house is filled with his love though and I feel its warmth all around me.  Thanking all of you who have traveled this journey with us.  You saved me when I was lonely, had questions or just depressed.  You shared your own experiences and always tried to make Bill and myself feel better.  What would I have done without my blogs when we were housebound?  Thank you sweet friends, I love you all.  Hugs, Kerrie

I wrote a song to him once about MY BEST FRIEND IS A CARPENTER....  And it is about the Lord but also about my Carpenter Bill.  I will share with you some day....


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