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Friday, October 14, 2011

Paper Pom Poms

Today I am sharing a craft from the Sewing Loft.  I can't wait to try them and so wanted to share with you right away.  For this time of year I was thinking of lightly spray painting with orange paint.  I hope you make some and send me your results.  Have fun!

Today's craft is super simple. I mean really simple & no cost. The kids made them with me so, they were super fun!!
Let's face it, we all have news paper hanging around the house but what do you do with it? Since my recycling bin was full and the girls were looking for a craft project... the paper pom pom was put into action.
These can be made any size and can be used in so many ways.

Party Decor
Pretty Packaging
Holiday Ornaments
My girls like the party decor.. So that will be the focus for today's craft!
This project is for sewers of all levels.
Skill Level- 1 Button

Craft Paint or Watercolors & Brush (Or Orange and yellow and red spray paint.)
Basic instructions:
Cut many squares of news paper. (*If you have a rotary cutter, you can cut several layers of paper at a time. )

Then I handed the squares off to the girls and let the painting begin! After a quick dry in the sun, you are ready to move on to the next step.
Fold the paper squares as photos. I folded 15 to create my pom pom.
With needle and thread (approx 20" long), stitch through the pointed corner of each petal.  Be sure to leave approx 10" of thread on each side for hanging.
Repeat the process. For pom poms in photo, I used around 15 petals, 5" square.
Tie in knot.
Pull apart each petal and "fluff".
They are not as light and fluffy as tissue paper poms but these pom poms are a fun way to drama above any child's party table.

For More ideas, visit the Sewing Loft  Happy Fall Crafting!

My crafty heart to yours...

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  1. They are so cute. I could see using these for all kinds of holidays,by just painting them different colors. Thanks for sharing Kerrie.


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