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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just a little note...

Dear Crafters, just letting you know that I have not kept up with my posting as I injured my back lifting the camper hitch and had X-rays and meds to help me recoup from a bulging disc!  Also, Sweet hubby has been having a rough time of it with nausea that won't quit!  We see the cancer doc on Thursday and hopefully will get something to relieve it as Compazine is not working.  He spent Easter Sunday in bed.  So I have not finished our paintings, or the totes but promise to and will post ASAP!  Thank you for your patience!  In the meantime, please see my other blogs for new pictures of baby Mute Swans, they are so beautiful.  Links are Two Happy and Kerrie's Korner, SC--Thanks!
Easter table, my clear glass flowered plates do not even show up-ha!
This is the Easter Apple Pie we made being creative-ha!  before baking, I cut a bunny head into the top crust and painted the color with egg whites and food coloring.

Hubby added the dough nose...

Once baked, I added colored sprinkle candy eyes and a few pink ones at the slits in the crust.  Pie was made with Granny Smith Apples and was delicious!!
Thank you for coming to visit and I hope you will come back soon!
My Krafty heart to yous...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Small Camper remodel...

I WILL be showing you my finished totes but had to share our morning's little camper remodel.  Bill has been wanting to make room in our pint size camper for a thin leather recliner that has been in storage and we just got it out.  His idea was to take the part of the sitting bench that extends out from the dining table and cut it out making space for the recliner.  Well, this morning we did it and here is the result.
Here is the corner that he wanted to put the chair in.  He removed this area as wide as the cushion.
Here he is removing the screws in the floor where wood framing was.

Amazingly, the floor underneath was just fine!

We removed one arm from the chair to get it through the camper doorway and it fit just right in the corner!
 Here is one happy man-ha!
And here he is with the arm back on and testing the recliner out.
When turned sideways, the chair fits snugly into the space for traveling.  How good is this?! Now he will just make an end cap for the bench and we will be all set.  Incidentally, we saved the wood and fixtures from the part we took out so that if we ever wanted to put it back (resale down the road) we could).
And here is my one addition, a new valance over the table in the eating area.  I had this left over from our living room and now will buy some material that matches so I can make the curtains for the 2 bedding areas (you can see the old faded green to the right)  We were so pleased with our little remodel and hopefully next week we will take a little camping trip---Yes!

Thank you for coming as always and come back again to see my finished totes next time.  Hugs to you.
My Krafty Heart to Yours....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Totes and Purses...

Now look at all the things you can buy at the Dollar Store for your Crafting!!

I have gathered everything together in a pile and roughly laid it out to see what I want to do with it.
  The lavender and blue (Spring and Easter colors) are mesh place mats.
  The matching ribbons were from the craft aisle and were $1 each for 4 yds.
  the blue and lavender butterflies came 4 in a pack.  
  As you can see, my plan is to make totes with ribbon handles and decorate them with the fabric and wire butterflies.  When finished, I will put them on my Etsy Shop.  But as I sew them, I will show you how to make them in the next post. 
The striped one is one I made last fall and will be just right for this spring colors.  The place mat was from Wal-mart and cost $3.  The embellishments are fabric flowers that I made with button centers and you can see them by looking at last fall's posts.  I have 4 of them and plan to offer those already made on my Etsy as a set of 4 all season totes for one economical price.

Next, these round pouch totes were $1. each at the $ store!  The star doilies came TWO in a pack for $1!!  I am going to sew the doily on one side and add a butterfly.  Just right for little hands to carry or teens to carry their essentials in! 

I love this Lavender one!! 
And last but not least, these photo mats came 3 and 4 in a pack.  I plan to draw, paint or put shells or buttons around the edges.
  They have a nice texture and will hold acrylic paints nicely to decorate.  Or you could personalize with a name with Marker if you are making for someone special. 
I sure hope you like all my ideas for creating on a shoestring budget and will come back as I finish them.

Have you visited your Dollar Store yet??  They should PAY ME-HA!  I am their best advertisement on line-tee-hee.

I hope I have inspired you and show me what you make if you use any of these suggestions, I would love to see!!

My Krafty heart to yours....